There is a growing need for everyone everywhere to have a strong support system as they transition through the various phases of life.

Our clients include:

  • New mums seeking assurance and support that their transition is worth it

  • New brides needing to make the necessary REAL adjustments in their individual and home lives

  • Young couples juggling work,school and their married lives

  • Newly promoted people at work

  • Recently demoted or retrenched people

  • People who are plain anxious about preparing presentations or speeches
  • People going for interviews
  • Corporates seeking to re-brand or improve their brand in the market

what are your picsBella Borsa is where we offer that much required ‘shoulder to lean on‘ and to help you understand better, read below and feel free to drop as email or visit our Facebook page  .

What is this word TRANSITION?

Life is a series of frequent changes. Some changes are welcomed; others range from inconvenient to catastrophic.

i am falling apartThere is a difference between changes and transitions. Change is situational; transition is psychological. It’s not the events outside us that make the transition; it’s the inner-reorientation and meaning-redefinition we make to incorporate those changes.

Transitions are times of crossing or traveling from something old and familiar to something new and unfamiliar. Most transitions are small and pass by almost unnoticed. Some, however, involve major disruptions in routines and force us to re-examine our values and lifestyle.

change-curve funnyTransitions range from changes that affect everyone (social/technological advances and natural disasters) to more personal transitions that affect one’s career and relationships. They may be voluntary, like moving to a larger home, or involuntary, like an accident, a disability or an illness. They may be predictable or unpredictable. Transitions and their disruption challenge us to grow and sometimes even force us to concentrate on today and the present moment.

By examining the past, you can recall transition-making strengths you developed and uncover any unfinished business that may now prevent you from being your best. To handle present and future transitions, use the insights gained from past and newly acquired skills.

personal responsibility model

Are you going through a transition or do you know someone who is?

Tell them about us or get them some help by emailing us and you will get a feedback within 48 hours.

  • Positive and strong media presence of your business
  • Efficiency and Excellent service by your front office personnel
  • Mentorship at the Workplace


  • Beautification of homes/offices – interior and exterior-So its been how many years again???Right, you want a new spark, some umph! for the place you call home or the office where you spend MOST of your day. We are here to make sure that whichever your need is, we bring out the sense that you desire.

  • Health & Wellness-from specialized and certified practitioners – This is for both male and females going through the various life transitions.
  • Overhauls – homes and personal / corporate attires-Tired of boring, same old same old? Wait no more, look no further because we are right here!Let’s discover a new you and watch you transform to a ‘butterfly’!
  • FUN Photo-shoots for babies,families, groups as well as personal profiles for individuals. View some of our work in the PHOTO GALLERY on our page. The photo shoots can be done on location (i.e a venue of your choice) or at home (our most preferred  choice simply because this is where cherished memories are!

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