The Founder of Bella Borsa Consultants is Nicole Mwangi.


She has a Background in Administration and boasts of over 15 years’ experience in serving Senior Executive teams in Real Estate,Interior Decor & Space Improvement,Legal Office, Pharmaceutical Retail shops and Clearing &¬† Forwarding Business.

Nicole is passionate about excellence in grooming, professionalism and realises that there is a quiet need for people to be supported and guided on the best way to effectively set themselves to their highest advantage.

Bella Borsa has birthed Spacealicous and Widows Window both of which are managed by Nicole and her team.

Among others, Nicole offers Transition support for Corporates and Individuals as well as Image Consultancy covering physical apperance as well as presentations e.g graduation speeches and professional write ups.

Reach her by leaving a comment and should you have limited time, call 254-0710484899 or drop her an email: nicole@bellaborsaconsultants.co.ke.

We offer you transitional coaching for your business as well as at your personal levels.

Transition may be daunting and without the appropriate support system, it can be a terrible unfulfilling experience.

Like the famous ‘caterpillar-to-butterfly’ story, we all want to be butterflies.Truth is, the caterpillar has to go through the whole process to be one of those beautiful butterflies.

Our commitment to you is to be ,presentkeep you focused and finally cross the finish line with you…a Winner!

At Bella Borsa, we ensure that your transition experience is pleasant,friendly and relatable to your circumstances and most of all, that you achieve the desired results.

We assure our customers of a dependable,relevant support system in any of the areas below,as well as other areas that they are facing:

  • Relational transition e.g leadership skills,marriage, death, divorce / healing marriage



  • Lifestyle transition e.g rising of spouse/self (political or business),pregnancy,retirement
  • Empty nests

empty nestEveryone copes differently with change,we offer you advice what your options are,as a part of the 4 Levels Discovery Journey

how to prepare for lifes changes


  • Social transition e.g how to dress for what event,success in business by understanding various cultures,positive online presence.
  • Corporate/Organizational transition e.g change of Management structure, change of operating systems,preparation for various changes and how to handle teething problems.

We are available for anyone asking the following questions and is ready to successfully steer their life towards more positivity and success:

For more please call 0726089109 or email us and you will get a response within 48 hours.


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  1. Wow!what a wonderful inspiration,
    Transition to betterment is something that is vastly important especially in achieving the 2030 vision,
    I just popped into this page and thought of giving a very big GO AHEAD

  2. This is BAO FOUNDATION Message.

    Isaac Bugeri Founder and Executive Director of Building Africa’s Opportunity. I appreciate the work you are doing, this my first day to know about you through my colleague Madam Nicole, and I hope to exchange different resources from BAO mostly in trainings in Personal growth , leadership and entrepreneurship according to your need. Consult me and my organisation anytime you need such kind of help at : Info@baofoundation.org, isaac@baofoundation.org,isaacbugeri15@gmail.com directly. Once again Asante sana,tujenge Africa kwa umoja.



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